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Truth from a Skeptical Physician

Discover how Dr. Tim McKnight decided to get to the bottom of the story of ionized water.

When one of his wellness students kept telling him about ionized water, wanting his opinion, and asking him to go see a demonstration, he knew the only way out was to go and see it firsthand. Then, and only then could he render his opinion about whether this was a scam, or, if there was credible science behind ionized water.

With his inquisitive scientific background, including a bachelor's and master's in nutrition completion of his PhD coursework in nutrition, and a medical degree from Ohio State University and two years of clinical practice, Dr. McKnight certainly was a Skeptical Physician.

But with an open mind he watched and listened, then researched, tested alkaline ionized water and ultimately wrote his insightful book Confessions of a Skeptical Physician to share his findings and conclusions.