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The Power of Our Strong Waters for Your Food and Other Organic Products

In addition to the incredible Ionized Alkaline Waters used for drinking and boosting the body's immune system, there are several other amazing waters that are used for cleaning, disinfecting, and so much more.

Watch this 2-minute video to find out why we call our Water Machines "money in the bank", then scroll down to see photos of how our Waters impact fruits, veggies, nuts and even flowers.

Our 11.5pH Strong Alkaline Water is unparalelled for soaking your fresh produce. Not only does it dissolve oil-based pesticides, but it also keeps the food fresher much longer. The below photo shows what happened to cherry tomatoes after 2 weeks, from the same batch. Notice how the tomatoes that have been soaked for a few minutes in the 11.5pH water are still just as fresh as they were 2 weeks earlier, while the untreated tomatoes should have been thrown out long ago!

This photo shows what the water looks like from soaking spinach in our electrolyzed 11.5pH water compared to regular water. The darker container is all of the pesticides that have been cleaned from the spinach, making it so much healthier to eat, while the still-clear container left all of the pesticides still on the spinach!

In addition to soaking produce in our 11.5pH Strong Alkaline Water for several minutes to remove the oil-based contaminants such as pesticides, we recommend rinsing or briefly soaking in our 2.5pH Strong Acidic Water prior to that, to kill various bacteria usually found on certain foods. In this example, walnuts were first soaked in the 2.5pH water for a couple of minutes, and notice the color or the water from the bowl on the left, which is bacteria including traces of rat feces which have been known to be present on most nuts you would find in stores, including health food stores which specialize in organic produce. The darker liquid on the right is the result of following up with a 10-minute soak in 11.5pH water to remove the pesticides and other oil-based contaminant. The result is sparkling-clean walnuts free of any harmful additives, with the taste of being freshly picked from a tree, and incredibly healthy for you!

Besides using our Strong Waters to disinfect and cleanse vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, as well as meats, fish and poultry, we also recommend rinsing & soaking grains and legumes, as they also tend to be covered in bacteria and pesticides. The result is not only free of any contaminants, but the grain becomes much bigger, infused with the micro-clustered water which penetrates the pores. Cooking it in one of our other waters will take a lot less time, and result in a much tasties dish requiring no additional spices.

In addition to our Strong Waters, we use our Slightly Acidic (5.5-6.0pH) Water, nicknamed "Beauty Water", to water our plants and keep cut flowers fresh weeks longer. Notice the size difference in the photo below - these were taken from the same bouquet, purchased on the same day!